Kitchen Knobs

For some people the most practical approach is needed when they are trying to replace their old and worn out kitchen door handles. The kitchen knobs are the most simplest handles to use and the easiest to install. These are able to be used for the cabinets or for the door in the kitchen.

Cabinet Knobs

The cabinet knobs are the simplest design that you are able to use on the cabinets in your kitchen. These come in either square or circular patterns. Most are completely smooth all the way around. Others will have a small pattern etched into them or around the center of them.

The best thing about these handles is that they cost as little as $1. You can find them at your nearest home improvement store and choose as many as you need for under $100. Just make sure that they match the pre existing holes in your cabinets. To install you only have to screw them in.

When deciding on what color or finish to get you have to consider what will look best in your kitchen. It is best to match them up with the color and style that is used on your cabinets. The cabinets are all over the kitchen and help to create the essential theme of the kitchen.

Door Knobs

Most kitchens will have a door that leads to the backyard. The look of these are just as important and using a knob is the most simplest look you can have. Like with the cabinet knobs these are often smooth all around. The more elaborate have an unusual cut to them and are made with glass. They can cost you as little as $5 for the stainless steel models or as high as $12 for the glass knobs.

Installing these door knobs is not as easy – but it should only take a few minutes and some simple tools. You can purchase these at your local home improvement store.