Drawer Pulls

If you are going to change out the cabinet knobs than it only makes sense that you also interchange the handles on the drawers. In some kitchens there are many more drawers than cabinets in the kitchen. One of the best things about changing these out is that there are so many choices to choose from.

Cup Pulls

The cup drawer pulls are small and designed with smooth, sleek lines. They come in a variety of finished and colors to match both traditional and modern kitchens. These particular types of pulls will cost between $3 to $5 each.

Finger Pulls

The finger pulls are even smaller than the cup pulls. They are designed with a slight loop that is open on the bottom. This makes it easy to open with just one or two fingers. It is best to use these pulls in the traditional to contemporary kitchens. These cost between $4 to $6 each.

Ring Pull

The ring drawer pulls are unique and not often seen in kitchens anymore. These are designed with a simple circular base that is attached to the drawer. Attached to this base is a ring which can be as simple or ornate as you would like. These rings will cost between $2 to $5 and are available in a variety of styles and finishes.

Recessed Pull

The recessed drawer pulls have a very simple design to them that make them ideal to use in modern kitchens where everything has clean lines. Depending on the size of your drawer – these can be normal or quite large in size. They will cost as low as $2 or as high as $36. Most of these recessed pulls have just a small area to grab while others will have a ring that you pull out of the recessed area.

Pendant Pull

The pendant pull is a great way to decorate your traditional to contemporary kitchen. These are design with a simple and straight forward handle that is connected to a base at the top but is open ended on the bottom. These can have a simple or very decorative design. They cost between $3 to $10.